City Walks at My Place: Reflecting on experience and creating magic machines

12th Mar 2015

Elders Council members who participated in the City Walk in early February convened for another one-day workshop aimed at reflecting on the City Walk experience on John Dobson Street. 

We invited participants to enter an imaginative space creating magic machines to help them achieve their wishes and desires for their own City Walks of the future. The workshop was held at Culture Lab, Newcastle University and delivered in collaboration with MyPlace researcher Rachel Clarke. The session was structured around two main activities: in the morning participants were asked to reflect on different aspect of the John Dobson Street City Walks experience, the pre-walk mapping activity and their experience of Newcastle City Council Planning Consultation.

Participants were also presented with audio and video material and written data generated in the walk in the post-walk discussion. This activity served as a reflection and analysis on the effectiveness of the walk method, pre and post-walk activities in generating informed discussion during the consultation for the Elders Council members.

In the afternoon activity participants were presented with a future scenario, to imagine their own version of the City Walks in 2020 and involved them working in groups and individually creating a series of magic machines that responded to the scenario. Everyone was greatly enthused by the activity and came up with really interesting ideas for designs and technologies to support the democratization of city planning.