Creating adaptive storytelling content for the future of radio

Mozilla Festival 2015 run between 06.11 and 08.11.2015

and we were invited to run a workshop at the festival. The workshop encouraged the participants to create their own adaptive stories for the Perceptive Radio.

A one hour workshop was designed and successfully run by the team. The participants were first introduced to the project and the reasons behind it followed by the unique opportunity to design an adaptive story for the radio.

The original designed workshop was split into three different stages:

- Each participant creates a simple story using 3 different Rory's Story Cubes

- In groups of 3, each individual story contributes to one single and more immersive story

- Use the Perceptive Dice to identify adaptable content 


An overwhelming number of participants attended the workshop which slightly modified the layout of the originally designed workshop; in this case participants were asked to create groups of 2 or 3 and work collaboratively to create a single story. 

Each group was later on merged into a larger group (around the physical tables available) where the participants were asked to bridge ideas from each story to create a single, unified narrative.

Lastly, each group used the Perceptive Dice to identified where in the overall story arc adaptive elements can be spotted and how these elements could be changed.

The last activity simulated the sensors interaction provided by the current capabilities of the radio. The workshop was deemed as a successful one with great feedback being given by some of the participants.