Creating a legible game area

One of the most important aspects of the game is to create a legible game area by designing and positioning the RFID pills in such a way to facilitate the understanding and recollection of the playable space. During one of the trails, small NFC tags were used for pills, which proved to be a poor design decision as players had to constantly switch focus from the mobile phone to the physical environment to identify the next pill to tag, thus loosing the immersive sought experience in the public space. As such, for the next trial, bigger and larger objects were used (in the form of Frisbees), positioned at close distances allowing players to identify the next pill to tag. Unfortunately, the familiarity of the Frisbee attracted passers-by to take them off and used them for their intended purpose. Further design iterations of the pills, will look at how is best to make this physical/digital space more navigable.