Stories from home to home, making a walking tour in Erith Park

3rd Nov 2014

A new collaboration started with Erith Park, residents from a housing estate undergoing regeneration in SE London – Erith Park regeneration team, and Microsoft researcher Alex Taylor from Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Erith Park is part of a regeneration project led by housing association Orbit entailing the demolition of five 1970s tower blocks and the construction of new houses. Local residents wanted to create a walking tour of the estate to share histories told by the people who live and have lived in the area. 

The project will investigates further tools and channels that local residents can appropriate to construct their own walking tour of their neighborhood, gather and exchange stories between Erith Park previous and current residents and between residents and Orbit members of staff.

The project aims at scaffolding spaces for the revealing of multiple (hi)storical voices as well as spaces for personal and collective reflection and dialogue, affording moments for self-expression and reflection through mediated encounters between residents, previous residents and workers in the neighborhood.  To this end a number of workshops will take place in the coming months that will drive the development of low cost and replicable tools tailored for the residents and Orbit’s staff.