Andrew Garbett

Andrew Garbett

Within the Creative Exchange project I am looking to explore the areas of serendipity, personalisation and knowledge discovery in online spaces. An aspect of my research will hopefully include increasing serendipity through leveraging the social connections and content generated from Online Social Networks. I am also interested in the Open data movement and adapting large public data sets using other data sets and social media platforms to deliver a more personalised experience of available Open Data.


Before joining Open Lab I undertook a Research Assistant role with the University of Lincoln Social Computing Research Centre (LiSC). During this period I worked on an EPSRC funded project that focused on leveraging the engaging properties of Online Social Networks to increase adherence and uptake of Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia.

While with the research group at Lincoln I also worked on Fearsquare, a project that looked at using Foursquare and Government Open Crime Data to provide a personalised overview of crime for areas you frequent.


Prior to this role I studied at the University of Lincoln to obtain a BSc. Software Engineering. I have a technical background in web and mobile technologies including development and usage of social media platforms and APIs.

#NewsHack Event - Coffee, Code and Prizes

31st Oct 2013
Newcastle University hackers win best university hack BBC #NewsHack.   PhD Students from Newcastle University's Digital Interaction Group based in Open Lab were invited to attend a BBC News Labs and BBC Conntected Studios partnership hack event. Andrew Garbett, Tom Bartindale, Sebastian Mellor, Jan Kučera who hacked away, along with 150 other hackers,...

Recommendation Practices in Journalism

20th May 2013
Understanding recommendation practices within the BBC in order to identify high quality individuals. The project is now underway starting with a placement within BBC Research and Development Department at Mediacity, Salford to take a close look at recommendation practices within journalism. Through gaining perspectives from both citizen and professional journalists about their recommendation...

Serendipity through Social Search

18th Dec 2012
Aim: To stimulate serendipitous discovery of new web content by leveraging the Social Network Graph to augment search results. The web provides us with a wealth of new information, knowledge and discussion on an incomprehensibly massive scale. The ability to stumble across fresh and interesting online content is facilitated by the...