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Playful Narrative Realms

Playful Narrative Realms

Designing digital technology for experiences of play in a heritage space

The project will explore how we can design digital technologies for experiences of play in the public space of a heritage organisation. Currently, digital technologies are under-used in this area with technology often used for downloadable maps and websites. We are inspired by York City Council’s use of holographic guides: with which brings the York city wall to life with visceral characters and experiences.

The picture above is English Heritage’s Belsay Hall and their pirate trail. Although not a digital installation children enjoy exploring this great venue with this original and exciting activity. As we deploy our digital prototypes in heritage spaces such as these, we must balance the need of the child-at-play and their developmental needs. Our content must be appropriate; it needs to be relevant to the child and space, educational, inspiring and most of all fun.

Latest Project Activity

Wild Man Game Bridges the Digital to Seoul

16th Mar 2015
The Wild Man Game has just been presented at a Serious Games' symposium and at the British Embassy in Seoul, Korea. I am just back from a speedy tour of Seoul where the Wild Man Game formed my part of two talks on Serious Games. The talks were part of a special...