CX Project

Polyphonic Futures

With this combined project and field trial we aim to develop a 'digital silk library' that will be an exemplar for a new form of knowledge exchange between arts and science.

2 Commercial Partners
1 Academic Researcher
CX PhD Student

Through the production of the digital silk library the project will visualise diverse voices from a range of participants on the bio-digital material silk and its potential impact on society and self. Employing original workshop formats, methods, tools and an innovative digital platform, the project will use these responses to contextualise and inform scientific practice, and create arts-science knowledge exchange and transmission. By digitally visualising novel arts-science transmission concepts, methods and outcomes the project will instigate discussion on the bio-digital between scientists and non-scientists.


This project provides an opportunity for engaging with cutting-edge biotechnology that has yet to be comprehensively interfaced with society. As such it will act as a test bed to widen potential technological trajectories for digital silk through a collaborative approach. It aims to elicit and position audience feedback in a semi-public context and enhance the interpretation and meaning making of science engagement.

Latest Project Activity

Living Assemblies Workshop - Design Your Silken Self. 6-7th June at Furtherfields Commons

3rd Jun 2015
‘Living Assemblies’ is a hands-on workshop, led by designer and researcher Veronica Ranner, investigating the coupling of the biological material silk with digital technologies. During this two-day workshop, organised in collaboration with The Arts Catalyst as part of the CX Polyphonic Futures project, participants will collaboratively explore the potential of reverse...