Emmanuel Tsekleves

Emmanuel Tsekleves

Senior Lecturer in Design Interactions, Imagination Lancaster

Emmanuel designs interactions between people, places and products. His primary research interests are in designing and co-designing interactions, experiences, tools and games that inform and influence behaviour change, promote a better society and facilitate health and wellbeing.

Emmanuel has been employing a practice-based and co-design approach in investigating how digital economy can enable a more sustainable society, especially in the areas of health and well-being, energy and defense.

In terms of the former Emmanuel has been investigating how gameful design along with the gamification of repetitive therapy interventions in neurophysiological (such as stroke) and neurodegenerative health conditions (such as Parkinson's), can lead to higher patient motivation levels and adherence to therapy. These interventions have been based on co-design with expert patients and clinicians and the bespoking of everyday gaming technology widely available at home.

In terms of the latter his participation under the Solar Soldier project, led to an innovative solution of a solar-powered battery pack that can be incorporated on the uniform and kit of infantry soldiers to harvest energy, whilst reducing the bulk and weight of their kit. The project attracted media attention with articles published by the Daily Mail, Discovery News and many other online media outlets.